About Me


Jay Owens

 My name is Jay Owens and I am a 2D and 3D artist. I received my Bachelors in game design art from Cogswell College. I love art of all kinds and love doing mixed media paintings of women as well as incorporating different stories and histories within my works. My dream is to be a game designer and create games that go above and beyond industry standards by creating games that show the world that games can be a serious art form too. I hope to inspire and empower people to follow their dreams and passions through all of the work that I do. 


Summary Of Qualifications


· Autodesk Maya 

· Microsoft Office 

· Adobe Photoshop

· Substance Painter

· Zbrush/Sculptris

· Blender

· Unity Game Engine 

· Unreal 4 Game Engine



 Game Designer/Developer September  2013 - May 2014

Senior Project 2014 - “Geo Run”  

-     Designed 3D level using Blender game engine 

-     Completed character, and environments from concept to finalized assets

-     Presented and playtested with multiple groups


        2D Animator           February  2013 - June 2013

Whiteboard Animation(Art Installation)- “Imagination Apparatus”

-     Developed a Storyboard to plan out different animations and effects in the final animation

-    Implemented Character and effects

-    Hand drew different frames and Utilized traditional animation methods 

Artist(Volunteer)          February  2016 - May 2016

Media Works -Cogswell College

-    Aided students in drawing/tracing frames

-   Collaborated with students in creating storyboards and ideas

-   Consulted with the project manager, contributed to critiques and modified work accordingly

Artist( Generalist)          January 19-21, 2018

Global Game Jam 2018-Cogswell College- “Hacker’s Revenge”

-    Created 2d assets for level 

- Rigged character model

-    Aided and collaborated with other artists on the team

-    Designed and planned out game mechanics with coders/engineers

Game Studio- Cogswell College September 2017- May 2018

3D Artist

- Modeled low and hi-poly 3d assets  to be used in VR project

- Collaborated with the lead on progress and critiques



Cogswell Polytechnical College - San Jose, CA    May 2019

Bachelors of Arts in Game Design Art-Focus in 3D Modeling

Relevant Courses:


-Modeling 1&2

-Environment Art

-Figure Drawing

-Perspective and Rendering

-Digital Painting


-3D Assets